Adult Sunday School


At Grace Bible Church, we know that biblical instruction is an important part of becoming a mature disciple of Christ. This is why we place such a high value on Sunday school at Grace.

Join us for some wonderful biblical instruction and fellowship. You have 4 great options to choose from beginning August 27. These classes will last just 8 weeks from August 27 – October 22, 2017.  So check these out and be prepared for a new opportunity to grow spiritually.


Welcome Class – taught by the Elder Team  – Interested in learning more about Grace Bible Church? Interested in becoming a member of GBC? This is the class for you! Topics will include the church’s history, bylaws, overviews of the church’s structure and ministries. You’ll also get to spend time with the elders and get to know them and ask any questions you want. 

Spiritual Warfare – taught by Josh Harris – We are called by God to be alert for the Devil prowling around like a roaring lion looking to devour us (1 Pet 5:8). How do we combat this roaring lion? This class will be an examination of the deceptions of the devil and the tools we have as Christians to overcome them. 

Ruth: Love and Redemption – discussion led by Emily Congdon – This class will be walking through the book of Ruth, using a video series by Tommy Nelson. Each class period will include a video on a section of Ruth, as well as discussion on the passage. 

The Treasure Principle – discussion led by Mark Foster – This class will focus on giving, through a discussion of the excellent, short book titled, The Treasure Principle (Books will be available for purchase $5 each on the first day of class). Do you struggle to give, or to give cheerfully? This class will focus on several reasons why you should give. There will be discussion on the book, as well as videos that accompany the book, created by the author of the book himself.